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Pet Surgery Services

We provide surgeries like spays, neuters, brachycephalic airway repairs, mass removals, and dental surgery at 143 Veterinary Services.

Pet Surgery

When your pet requires surgery, we at 143 Veterinary Services understand that it can be a stressful moment. At every step of the journey, we’ll be there for you. Before deciding whether to proceed with the procedure, we would be pleased to offer you a thorough tour of our modern, clean surgical center. We have technicians that work solely in surgery and are very knowledgable in anesthesia monitoring that will keep your pet safe.

We’ll provide you and your pet extensive pre-operative instructions, from when to stop feeding them the night before the operation to a detailed plan for the day of the operation. To ensure that your pet is healthy enough for the procedure, we might need blood tests if they are going under anaesthesia.

Our team will work diligently during the procedure to ensure that we successfully treat your pet’s condition and call you to share the good news. Our well trained team will be present to make sure the operating room goes without a hitch. We’ll even text you a picture of them in recovery so that you can relax and know they are comfortable and in good hands.

Once your pet has recovered from surgery, we’ll get in touch with you right away to make sure you have all the details you need to bring your pet home, where you can ensure that they are at ease and prepared to start recovering. To make sure the healing process is progressing well, we might also need to arrange follow-up sessions.

We offer a wide range of surgical services to your pet like spays, neuters, brachycephalic airway repairs, mass removals, dental surgery, etc.