Veterinarian Service

Alternative Appointment Options at 143 Veterinary Services

Pet telemedicine is a new and convenient way to get your pet the care he or she requires without leaving the house.

Pet Telemedicine, Drop off Appointments, and House Calls

Problems managed by telehealth services include superficial abrasions and wounds, consultations on your pet’s care for behavioral issues, chronic case management, and some quality-of-life evaluations. We can also perform follow-up exams/consultations on some problems that have previously been seen in person. In general, vomiting, diarrhea, skin and ear problems, and limping will require an in-person examination, but we are happy to have a video triage call to see if in your particular situation we can avoid a traditional appointment.

Please contact us if you want to find out if telehealth services are a good fit for your pet. A technician will triage your call, determine whether your pet is a candidate for telehealth, and then send you an email to set up a Zoom call. If we determine that your pet requires veterinary attention, you will be asked to schedule an in-person examination.

Drop off Appointments

Here at 143 Vet Services, we offer a very cool alternative to your typical scheduled appointment. We have several spots a day reserved for drop off appointments. These appointments allow you to answer detailed questions and then leave your pet safely and comfortably with us for a few hours. We will perform a thorough exam, run any needed diagnostics, and come up with a plan and perform treatment, then notify you of a time to pick up your pet- all fixed up and ready to go. This is a great option for busy moms and dads on the go that don’t have time for an appointment, or when our schedule is otherwise full, or when you pet has vague symptoms that would be better analyzed by spending some time with us at the clinic to gain more information in your pets own language.

House Calls 

Some pets are too stressed to come into the clinic, or the owners are elderly or for other reasons can’t make it in. In these special circumstances, for households within a five-mile radius, we offer a special house call service. This service allows a doctor and technician to leave the clinic and travel to your home to examine and diagnose you pet, or just give vaccines. This is a service frequently requested for euthanasia as well.

We can bring our highly qualified staff and medical expertise right to your home with house calls. Pets who are afraid or stressed by visiting our office can benefit from being examined in their own environment, where they are more likely to feel secure and calm. This allows us to more accurately assess behavior and overall demeanor in a more relaxed and natural setting.

** House calls require an extended appointment time and are priced accordingly. We only do House calls in Cohasset and North Scituate.