Veterinarian Service

Pet In House Diagnostic Services

We have advanced veterinary diagnostic tools as well as a highly skilled team to use them and interpret the diagnostic results at 143 Veterinary Services.

In House Pet Diagnostics

At 143 Veterinary Services in Cohasset, we evaluate our patients, diagnose a variety of health issues, and pursue the best treatment plans possible. We have a full in-house laboratory for running a variety of tests, as well as digital radiography, and dental X-ray.

Because we have a diagnostic lab right here in our hospital, we can easily perform various important tests and receive results in a matter of minutes. We can test for a wide range of abnormalities, including high/low blood glucose, infections, liver and kidney disease, and more.

We generally take samples from otherwise healthy pets who come in for routine health screenings and send them to an outside laboratory for a thorough review.

A digital X-ray is an excellent tool for viewing your pet’s bones and joints, but it can do much more. Our team can also use X-ray to evaluate the heart and lungs, as well as possibly identify foreign bodies and tumors. Our digital equipment is especially useful because it makes X-ray procedures easier for pets. We can spend less time positioning and repositioning your pet, and the images are sharper and more detailed than traditional film X-rays.